This website is owned and managed by SmileTrip Co., Ltd. By accessing and using this website, you agree to the following terms and conditions. Therefore, it is recommended that you read and study these terms before continuing to use it.

The terms of use for include the following contents:

A. Overview

1.    All terms regarding the use of to purchase flight tickets, book tours, hotels, make payments, and other services provided by ("Terms of Use for" or "Terms of Use") are posted on the website and are provided and updated by the team.

2.    All employees of are under SmileTrip Co., Ltd, headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam, and Osaka, Japan. Detailed information about the company is available in the "Contact" section on the website.

3.    Definitions of some terms in the Terms of Use for

a. "Service" refers to products provided by, such as flight tickets, hotel rooms, or other service products.

b. "Service providers" are entities that directly provide service products, such as airlines, hotels, or other service product providers, but are not

c. "User" means any individual using the website.

d. "Customer" means any individual, legal entity, or non-legal entity organizations using the services of

e. "Transaction completed" means the action where service products (flight tickets, hotels, other services, etc.) have been successfully purchased from service providers (airlines, hotels, other services), and any subsequent changes must comply with the service price conditions set by the service provider.

f. "Force Majeure" means events that cannot be prevented, resisted, or changed, such as airline bankruptcy, war, natural disasters (floods, fires, volcanic eruptions, epidemics, etc.), terrorism, strikes, hacker attacks on internet networks, or computer viruses causing congestion or degrading service and product quality.

g. "Transaction on" is the action where users independently go to the website or use the support team to purchase service products provided by (flight tickets, hotel rooms, or other services). Users have the right to provide personal requirements and criteria to receive support from, such as departure date, return date, destination, number of passengers, baggage weight, meals, check-in and check-out dates, travel insurance type, budget, etc. This transaction can be paid on through the designated payment gateway or paid later within the specified period.

4.    The role of in the service contract:

a. provides flight ticket services to customers as an agent of Thiên Minh International Travel - a travel company in Japan certified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and having a flight ticket agency contract with IATA member airlines (traditional airlines). For low-cost carrier (LCC) flight services and services that are not IATA members, provides services to customers as their representative in signing ticket purchase contracts with LCCs.

b. acts as a representative for airlines in selling flight tickets to customers. The responsibility of is to sign the carriage contract on behalf of airlines with customers.

c. As an agent for LCCs, is not responsible for the extent and quality of the performance of contracts by LCCs. The carriage contract with LCCs is signed by users of the website with LCCs. LCCs are not required to comply with IATA's transportation regulations. The transportation regulations of each LCC depend on the respective LCC. These regulations are updated to users on the website of each LCC.

d. For hotel room reservation services, provides services as the entity responsible for room reservations. is not the representative, owner, manager, operator, controller, or guarantor of any room, hotel, or service on the website or connected pages.

5.    The team performs their responsibilities according to the Terms of Use for via phone, email, SMS messages, or through communication apps during the working hours of as follows: In Hanoi, Vietnam: Monday to Saturday: 08:00 to 21:00 (Sunday: 08:00 to 17:00) In Osaka, Japan: Monday to Friday: 09:30 to 18:30 (Saturday, Sunday, holidays: not working) The working hours of may change according to the actual situation without prior notice and will be updated on the website. does not handle customer requests on government holidays. Detailed information will be updated on the website.

Price information and additional costs.

6.    Service prices on the website include: service prices set by service providers, various fees (airport fees, system fees, hotel service fees), and service fees. Additional service types not included in the service prices set by service providers must be paid by customers (not mandatory). All combined fees are referred to as the "Total Price." is responsible for informing passengers of the "Total Price" before proceeding with payment.

7.    Prices on can be converted to other currencies according to customer needs. The exchange rate will be updated daily on the system.

8.    Hotel additional fees for service types not included in the room prices set by hotels, such as resort fees, energy fees, luggage management fees, transfer fees, transportation fees, optional surcharges, must be paid by customers and are beyond the control of

B. General Terms of Electronic Services

1.    Users must accept the terms of use throughout the process of using the website and the services provided by The terms of use are updated on the website.

2.    Users must read and accept the terms related to services before proceeding with transaction payment.

3.    Service providers on the website have their own regulations regarding the types of services and are not managed by For example, regulations regarding transportation by airlines, hotel accommodation policies. Users agree that purchasing services also means accepting the conditions of service providers on

4.    The content of the website is protected by law and copying or quoting without indicating the source is strictly prohibited.

5.    To perform and complete transactions on, users must have an active email address or mobile phone number. Providing contact information to implies consent to allow to contact users through the information provided.

6.    Users provide personal information to complete transactions on, which implies permission for to use that information for transaction processing and related transaction responses.

7.    The trade name, commercial images, and commercial slogans of are legally protected. Users are not allowed to use or engage in any misuse or violation of ownership rights, intellectual property, and copyrights from the website.

8.    Accessing the website implies acceptance of's ability to provide personal data to government authorities with jurisdiction over activities that violate the law.

C. Disclaimer of Liability

1.    Users are solely responsible for and fully responsible for the following:

a. Users have the capacity to choose services, select suitable service providers, and complete transactions on

b. Users provide accurate information about themselves and the named passengers when conducting transactions on

c. Passengers named on transactions made through have all the necessary legal documents for air travel, such as ID cards, passports, etc., at the time of conducting transactions on Passengers named on the booking confirmation must have all valid personal documents and any required accompanying documents (if necessary) to check in according to the hotel/service provider's regulations.

d. Users and/or passengers named on transactions conducted on have verified visa requirements before conducting transactions on and take responsibility if they do not have the required entry and transit visas.

e. Regarding payment methods, users are the legal owners or have the permission of the legal owner to use these payment methods for transactions on Users understand that using fake or unauthorized payment methods is a violation of the Penal Code.

2. is not responsible in cases where transactions on cannot be completed due to technical reasons (errors in linked systems) or force majeure.

3. is released from liability after completing transactions according to transactions on for the following cases:

a. Any delays or changes in order details from the service provider (airlines changing flight dates and times, hotels changing check-in times, passengers arriving at check-in at the wrong time, etc.).

b. The quality of service, facilities, service rating information, and other services (e.g., lost luggage, special assistance requests, etc.) from service providers (airlines, hotels, etc.).

c. Passengers not following the information in their reservations (flight times, check-in times, etc.), the regulations of service providers when using or not using purchased services.

d. Passengers who have purchased services but do not use all of them (e.g., buying round-trip tickets but using only one-way, arriving after the check-in date, or checking out earlier, etc.).

e. Passengers being denied service due to not complying with the personal document requirements mentioned in Section 11c.

4.    All complaints related to service contract violations between passengers and service providers will be handled by passengers according to the current regulations of service providers such as airlines, hotels, or other service providers.

5. is not responsible if the cause is determined to be a force majeure event or an error entirely caused by service providers such as airlines, hotels, or other service providers.

6.    In all cases, the maximum compensation fee is equal to the service fee that the customer has paid to to complete the transaction.

D. Booking/Service Request on

1.    Users conduct transactions on through the website, the hotline, or directly at the office.

2.    Users agree to the Terms of Use of from the moment they access the website.

3.    To complete transactions on, users need to provide the following information to to specify the services they require:

a. For airline tickets: Departure and destination points, departure date and return date (for round-trip tickets), the number of passengers, including adults (over 12 years old), children (2 - 12 years old), and infants (under 2 years old), requests for non-stop or connecting flights, requests for additional services or special assistance (if any).

b. For hotel rooms: Destination or hotel for stay, check-in date and check-out date, the number of people staying, the number of rooms and room types, requests for additional services or special assistance (if any).

c. For tours: Selected tour itineraries, the information in Section 3a for tours that involve air travel, the information in Section 3b for tours that involve overnight stays, and any other special requests (if any).

d. For other services: The necessary information to establish and execute the service contract between and the user.

4.    Users are also required to provide the following information to complete each transaction on

a. Passenger information for airline ticket services, including full names, gender, date of birth as shown on the personal documents for all persons traveling on the flight.

b. Contact information, including the user's full name as per their identification document, email, and contact phone number. In cases where users purchase services for others who will use the services and do not personally participate, users need to provide information, including the full name as per their identification document, email, and contact phone number for the representative of the service user.

c. Information necessary to issue a VAT invoice (if required).

d. Payment method.

5.    Transactions on may not be carried out if users fail to provide any of the information in Sections 3 and 4.

6.    Users must ensure the accuracy of the information provided in Sections 4 and 5. In addition, users must pay special attention to the Total Amount and the details in the Total Price, as mentioned in Section A, Clause 6. informs users that the Total Price can change at any time until the transaction is completed.

7.    The payment deadline for transactions on is provided in accordance with the reservation policy of service providers. is obliged to notify users of the payment deadline or changes in the payment deadline using the means and during the business hours specified in Section A, Clause 5.

8.    Until a transaction is completed as defined in Section A, Clause 3d, cannot guarantee that the Total Price of transactions on will not change, except for the service fee paid to In cases where there is a change in the Total Price, must immediately inform the user of this change. is not responsible if changes in the Total Price occur because cannot contact the user to confirm transaction information and/or payment for transactions on, or if the changes originate from service providers such as changes in reservation status, price increases, system errors, etc.

9.    In cases of changes in the Total Price, as described in Section 8, users can choose one of the following options:

a. Accept the additional payment for the difference based on the new Total Price and the new payment deadline.

b. Cancel the transactions on and receive a full refund of the amount paid to using the same payment method as initially used for transactions on

c. Reserve the amount paid to until the support team finds a new service (new itinerary, new hotel, etc.) that best meets the user's criteria.

10.    Users are fully responsible if they provide inaccurate information as described in Sections 3 and 4. After completing transactions on, if there is a need to change the information, users must inform through the means and during the business hours specified in Section A, Clause 5. In this case, cannot guarantee the transactions on will remain the same as initially created, and is obligated to inform users of any changes compared to the initial transaction (if any) and will not be responsible for changes caused by users.

11.    Users accept that some interfaces on the website may provide advice, advertisements, marketing, promotions, or other information. Users may choose to view or disregard this information during their search for information and the execution of transactions on

12.    Information about transactions on, once successfully created, will be communicated to users via email and may include:

a. Transaction code (Booking code/Request code);

b. Expiry date (Payment deadline);

c. Total Price, including the Service Price (established by service providers), fees, taxes, and service fees;

d. Details of the services provided;

e. Information about airline passengers provided by the user;

f. Payment methods;

g. Other information related to the services provided. may also send users information about transactions on via mobile applications such as Zalo, Viber, etc., if requested and if users provide the phone number used for these applications.

13.    By making payments for transactions on, users agree to the Terms of Use, understand, and accept the regulations of, as well as the regulations of airlines, hotels, and other service providers.

14.    The confirmation of transactions on is not an airline ticket or hotel booking confirmation and has no value for boarding a flight or checking in at a hotel. Within 24 hours from confirming the payment for transactions on (excluding holidays when the support team does not work according to the notice on the website or in cases of force majeure), will send electronic tickets/booking confirmations to users via email and mobile applications such as Zalo, Viber, etc., if requested and if users provide the phone number used for these applications.

15.    Users understand that providing complete information in the Payment section as requested in transactions on is the basis for completing transactions on Any delay from users may lead to the situation where transactions on cannot be completed and may pose obstacles to in completing transactions.

16.    Partial payment of the Total Price is equivalent to remaining unpaid.

E. Payment

1.    Users can make payments for transactions on using one of the payment methods indicated at the payment step. Users understand that does not guarantee that all payment methods will be applicable for different transactions. The payment method for each transaction on may vary depending on the type of service, the user's country, and the payment currency. The payment method also depends on's policies and capabilities at any given time.

2.    Users agree that if payment is made in cash or by bank transfer, the payment date is understood to be the date when the total amount has been notified to the user through email, in-app messages, or directly at the office, paid in cash at the office, or to one of's bank accounts during's working hours. If the payment is made outside of working hours, the payment date will be recorded as the next nearest working day.'s working hours are defined in Clause A, Section 5 of the Terms of Use.

3.    In accordance with the provisions in Section 1, users can choose one of the following payment methods when making transactions on

a. Payment in cash at's office or branches of banks where has accounts.

b. Bank transfer to's bank account.

c. Payment by domestic cards (ATM) through the integrated electronic payment gateway on

d. Payment by international cards (including credit cards, debit cards) through the integrated electronic payment gateway on

e. Payment by scanning QR codes with mobile applications (including banking apps, e-wallet apps) through the integrated electronic payment gateway on

4.    As stated in Clause D, Section 8, users agree that the total amount of transactions on may change even after the payment has been confirmed by In such a case, users can choose one of the options as mentioned in Clause D, Section 9. is not responsible for this change or any incidents or costs that may arise due to the option chosen by the user according to Clause D, Section 9.

Cash Payment

5.    Users can make payments in cash at's offices. Users can also make payments by depositing cash directly at banks where has accounts. When using bank services, users may be charged transaction fees according to the bank's regulations. Information about's bank accounts can be found in the transaction confirmation on and in the "Payment Guide" posted on the website.

Bank Transfer Payment

6.    Users can use the bank transfer method for payment if this method is accepted in the transaction confirmation. When paying by bank transfer, users will receive confirmation from the bank regarding the transfer. This confirmation from the bank does not mean that has received the payment and does not imply that the service contract has been signed.

Online Payment via Electronic Payment Gateway

7.    The electronic payment gateway integrated into is provided by OnePay Joint Stock Company for Commerce and Online Services - a company that provides payment solutions based in Vietnam. Therefore, the payment currency is VND, and payments are made within the territory of Vietnam.

8.    In accordance with Section 7 above, domestic cards (ATM cards) refer to bank cards or payment cards, debit cards issued by banks in Vietnam for use within the territory of Vietnam.

9.    Users can only make online payments through the integrated electronic payment gateway on the website for flight tickets with departure or arrival points in Vietnam, or for services provided in Vietnam. For transactions on that do not meet the conditions for payment through the integrated electronic payment gateway on the website, users can choose one of the remaining payment methods or contact's staff during's working hours for assistance.

10.    With the integrated electronic payment gateway on the website, users can pay by domestic cards (ATM cards), international cards (credit cards, international debit cards), or by scanning QR codes with a mobile application (banking app, e-wallet app). When users choose one of these payment methods, they will be directed to the payment screen of the payment service provider. Users need to follow the provider's instructions to complete the payment.

11. is not the manager of the electronic payment gateway. Therefore, is not responsible for any issues related to payments through the electronic payment gateway. Payment through the electronic payment gateway is made under an agreement between the user and the payment service provider. is not responsible for any errors related to payments through the electronic payment gateway, including errors resulting from users providing incorrect or incomplete information during payment.

12.   After successfully completing payment through the electronic payment gateway, users will receive a confirmation email for a successful payment. Within a maximum of one hour from the time of payment, if users do not receive a confirmation of successful payment, they should immediately contact the payment service provider (according to the contact information and working hours displayed on the payment screen) and/or's support team (during working hours as specified in Clause A, Section 5) to resolve the issue.

13.    The moment of successful payment is when the team receives confirmation that the user has successfully paid for transactions on through the electronic payment gateway.

Credit Card Payment

14.    Users are responsible for making payments with their credit cards in accordance with the terms they have agreed with the credit card issuer. is not responsible in any form for the use of users' credit cards. Users are responsible for the accuracy of the credit card information provided in the payment forms when purchasing flight tickets. By using a credit card for payment, users ensure that they are the owners of the credit card or that the credit card owner has agreed to allow users to use the credit card. In cases of suspicion about the accuracy of credit card information or the cardholder's identity, has the right to refuse credit card payments and notify the user immediately.

15.    Users understand and agree that by making payments with a credit card for transactions on, the cardholder's credit card account will be debited an amount equivalent to the service fee set by the service provider plus taxes and service fees, utility fees payable to

16.    Users agree that, to make payments with a credit card, they need to provide the following information on the integrated electronic payment gateway on the website:

a. Name of the credit card holder.

b. Type of credit card.

c. Credit card number.

d. Expiry date of the card.

e. Card verification code (CVV).

f. One-time password (OTP) sent to the phone number or email provided by the cardholder to the card issuer at the time of payment.

17.    By providing the information in Section 16 above, users agree to use the credit card to pay an amount equivalent to the service fee set by the service provider, plus taxes, service fees, utility fees payable to This payment is understood as payment for services provided in transactions conducted on the website.

18.    Providing the information in Section 16 above does not mean that the credit card issuer will agree to allow users to make this payment. is not responsible in case the payment is declined and will notify the user immediately in such cases. In this case, users can choose other payment methods.

Payment with International Cards Issued Outside of Vietnam

19.    In accordance with the provisions in Section 8, by using an international card issued outside of Vietnam to make payments for transactions on the website, users agree that:

a. The payment transaction is conducted in Vietnam, and the payment currency is VND.

b. The exchange rate and the total amount of the transaction on the website, if displayed in a currency other than VND, are for reference purposes only and are not a basis for debiting the user's card issued by the card issuer. The corresponding exchange rate and total amount converted will be determined by the card issuer and will be communicated to the user after a successful payment transaction.

c. In the case of a successful payment, depending on the regulations of each card issuer, the cardholder's card account may be charged a fee for the payment as stated above. This fee is determined by each card issuer's own regulations, and has no knowledge of and is not responsible for this fee.

G. Cancellation of Transactions on

1.    Cancellation by Service Providers: Users acknowledge that service providers may cancel the provision of services after payment has been completed for the transaction on due to various reasons, either by the service provider's discretion or due to unforeseeable circumstances (e.g., airlines canceling flights, hotels canceling reservations, etc.). In this case, the service provider will be solely responsible for canceling their product. will immediately inform users of the information received from service providers and provide proposed solutions and alternatives from the service providers.

2.    If service providers (airlines, hotels, or other service providers) have specific terms regarding service cancellation or refunds in their price list, users have the right to cancel or refund the services as per those conditions, thereby terminating the service contract. Cancellation or refund fees will be applied based on the conditions of the service type chosen by the user. is obligated to notify users of these terms and associated costs at the time of conducting transactions on

3.    In all cases of transaction cancellation on, the service fees paid by users to will not be refunded.

4.    To initiate the cancellation of a transaction on, users should contact via phone, email, or by visiting the office in person.

5.    Additional services (such as seat selection, checked baggage, etc.) will not be refunded.

6.    All refund amounts will be provided to users through the original payment method.

H. Changes to Transaction Information on

1.    Users agree that service providers may make changes to the details or parameters of their products (e.g., changes in flight times, layover times, gate assignments, room pricing policies, etc.) after the transaction has been completed due to various reasons, either by the service provider's discretion or due to unforeseeable circumstances. Service providers will be solely responsible for these changes, and is obliged to promptly inform users once information about such changes is received. Users should carefully review the policies of the service providers in the transaction confirmation sent by email from

2.    Changes to Passenger Names: Typically, certain service products, such as airline tickets and certain discounted room reservations, do not allow changes to passenger names. In some special cases, if the service provider permits name changes in an order, will facilitate these changes per the user's request for a change fee (if applicable) and the service fee of, which will be communicated through phone, email, or in person at's office.

3.    Users have the right to modify the details of the transaction on (e.g., changing flight tickets, changing check-in dates, etc.) and must comply with the terms and conditions for changes outlined in the service provider's price list. is obliged to notify users of these conditions at the time of conducting transactions on

I. Member Registration

1.    Users may register to become members of the website, and this registration is entirely free.

2.    To have access to an account, users are required to register as members.

3.    Users can register as members by completing the member registration form available on the website.

4.    The member registration form contains mandatory fields, and registration will only be successful if all required information is provided.

5.    When registering as a member, users will provide the necessary information to create their account on the website. This account can be used to complete transactions on and access other services provided by

6.    Upon receiving the member registration form from the user, will send a confirmation of membership along with the username, password (User/Password), and a link to activate the account. To complete the account activation, users must follow the instructions in the membership confirmation. After activating their account, users can use it.

K. Personal Information Protection

1. is the entity responsible for managing users' personal data.

2. commits to using users' personal data only for the following purposes:

a. Carrying out transactions on and acting as an intermediary in contracts for transportation and other travel services as per service contracts.

b. Providing electronic services.

c. Ensuring communication between users and

3.    Users have the right to access their provided personal data for editing or to request the termination of data processing.

4.    The provision of personal data is voluntary but necessary to fulfill the purposes mentioned above.

5. commits to processing users' personal data in compliance with the laws of Vietnam and will employ technical solutions to protect the personal information from unauthorized access.

6. affirms that it does not process personal information provided by users for payment systems.

7.    Users can make any changes within their personal information by sending a request through the "Contact" information published by on the website.

L. Complaints

1.    Users have the right to make complaints about the services provided by

2.    User complaints should include:

a. The reason for the complaint.

b. User information, including contact details, and the complaint must be confirmed by the user.

3. will verify and respond to complaints within 30 days from the date of receiving the complaint.

4.    In case the complaint dossier does not meet the requirements as stated in Section 2, the authorized representative of will immediately inform the user and guide the user in completing the complaint dossier. will only proceed with verification and response to the complaint when the user completes the complaint dossier as per the requirements in Section 2.

5.    Complaints can be submitted in written form or via email, telephone, using the "Contact" information posted on the website, or in person at the office.

M. Newsletter

1.    The newsletter (Newsletter) is a service designed to provide users with commercial information through email. This newsletter will be sent to users upon their request and with their consent.

2.    To receive the Newsletter, users need to:

a. Send a request and provide an email address using the available form on the electronic information page of and agree to receive the Newsletter.

b. Have an active email address.

3.    Users can opt-out of further receiving the Newsletter at any time by using the links in the footer of the newsletters or by sending a refusal message to will confirm the user's refusal to receive the Newsletter by sending a notification to the user's email.

N. Final Terms

1.    The documents accompanying this agreement are an integral part of this agreement.

2.    All disputes arising shall be resolved in the courts of Vietnam, and the decision of the court is final and binding on both parties.

3.    The Terms of Use are posted on the website.

Please note that this is a translation of the provided text, and for legal purposes or official documents, it is advisable to consult a professional translator or legal expert to ensure accuracy and adherence to the local laws and regulations of your specific jurisdiction.


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